The SCIET derives from a single measure, the Unitary Value of the distance between the center and the edge,  and defines all the space surrounding the center through equidistant angularities and subdivisions while retaining that definition of their existence together as a permanent record. The measure is as unlimited as the Awarness from which it came. There is no limit on smallness or largness except the speed of change itself.

The SCIETs spatial structure is a Resonance Map that can be illustrated by the use of twenty tetrahedral forms attached together at a single virtice.

The forms simulate the event horizon structure surrounding a tiny primeval single value blackhole, a continuing reaction of the void to the original charge intrusion. You might say that the SCIET is an isotope of black hole ``bubbles" that are  stimulated into existance by the presence of difference and stabalized by resonance.


 Lattice Work

Capacitance Lattice

Questions and Answers about the Vibrational Lattice

The Capacitance Lattice is a SCIET dynamic of the secondary fields, a resonance energy structure(RES) that is the result of the continuing return of an external outreach from a compound SCIET system. The information stream that returns to a system is continually compressed, but the energy that it contains is reflected outward, following the initial value path until it is parallel to the reflection point, becoming a part of a capacitance shell.


The Capacitance Lattice and the Vibrational Body

You can conceptualize the Capacitance Lattice if you visualize yourself at the center of your energy body, see it as a lattice of infinitely fine spherical layers of capacitance shells, like the skins of an onion. Each of which is like the surface of a sphere written with vast amounts of information that you can retrieve, rewrite or relate. They exist perpendicular to a line away from your center, all of these capacitance shells, each with stored memories, knowledge and belief. The capacitance spheres can align with one another by matching similar charge-content. That is the capacitance lattice, the capacitance spheres and their content alignments.

Corpus collosum synaptic connections "fix" certain transceiver "stations"

The transceiver nature of the brain and the compression algorithm of the mind combine to enable our multidimensional mental capabilities. Consequently, it should be clear that the synaptic connections of the corpus collosum serve to enable the brain to "fix" certain transceiver "stations". It does this so that the firing of that synapse will evoke the content stored in the capacitance lattice that exists in constant relation with the minds center.

To elaborate on the concept of the capacitance lattice, its structure and mechanism

The capacitance lattice is the result of the SCIET cycle, whose function is to record all change in space while enabling its correction or return to stasis/harmony.  It is a center-to-center, one-on-one relationship that validates the longtime notion of "vibrations". It originates in time/space before "light" in cosmology and depends on the quality of space to react to itself, to "interfere" with itself, thus any change sets off a cascade of interference patterns that culminate, reaching thresholds that create new classes of phenomena and continue on, ad infinitum. Light and matter sit upon a creation that already had "filled" space with incremental measurement patterns and had reached the stage where it began to react to itself reacting to itself. The interference points accumulated change and the exchange between them began to travel not only through vibratory space, but on the incremental measurement patterns that surrounded and defined them. Very similar to a gas condensing into a liquid and giving rise to another set of physical properties.

SCIET is an acronym for Single Cycle Integrative Effect Theory, which is intended to enable us to "freeze" change in its minimum increment. If I were able to do this for you as a demonstration, it would occur most easily at the sub-atomic level for you to see any individual changes. This is because each SCIET exists on a center that is shared by innumerable other SCIETs, each with their own cycle and SCIET Line. So each SCIET Cycle represents the interaction between two points in space that are moving relative to one another, and each movement of a Planck length is recorded through a cascade of adjustments based on a value established at their midpoint.

 We are starting in the middle, so to speak, because we are already surrounded by other SCIETs and are describing how these adjust to one another. For each increment outward we have a new minimum unit for adjustment. This sets a pattern that builds into the concept of octaves  in the material world and creates the Lattice of spirit. (see illustration at Question 5)

Between any two points, change is effected at the midpoint, where a common denominator value is established to communicate the change in relative position.  If the movement ends and they remain stable in respect to one another the cascade effect stills and they return to a stable crystalline structure. However, if they continue to change relative to one another, then the midpoint value will be continually returning new information to the two centers.

When a value returns to the source, it eventually reaches a place when it is the same size value as the source/center point. When this happens the returning charge 'pulses" the center and spreads into the space surrounding the center in a pattern related to the Angularities. Below is an illustration showing a center surrounded by twelve radius layers. An incoming value matching the center is partially absorbed, changing the value of the center, which then communicates that value change into the space around it in values related to its radius. Each successive layer is charged with the same value, but is transferred outward along a polarity axis determined by the SCIET, because each layer is an interference point. The orbital layer is built up from the continuing deposit of incoming information from the SCIET Line interaction

 Using the above illustration we can extend the idea of layer formation.  As shown above, the twelfth layer has a polarity the same as the center, it is parallel and represents an orbital position. Using the same illustration we can extend this idea outward with each layer being a center value and then surrounded by layers based on that center value. We would then have orbital positions, based on the first measure, of 12, 24, 36, 48, etc out to 144. What is interesting here is that the orbital layers will in turn become the basis for their own sets starting on the same layer positions but extending out further and further.

The orbital layers are the source of the capacitance lattice. The closer that they are to the center, the more energy/information that is orbiting in the layer. In the sizes that are closest to the creation or causal values the capacitance layers are best considered "shells" as in the surface of the proton or the electron orbital shells.

The purpose of the capacitance lattice is to store the change as it comes in for later processing or return to stasis. It is the basic mechanism for distributing change throughout a system as in the center of gravity between two bodies. The capacitance lattice is ongoing remainder of the individual SCIET event.

Lattice layers are filled with built-up change as records of ongoing action. Thus the closer to the center the more "yin" quality, or receptive charge polarity, is evidenced.

The body lattice are related to groupings of cells

In the sense that the cells, like the cells of the organs, constitute a group value that emanates into the surrounding space,this would be true. However, it is a macro phenomena that

The twelve meridians correspond to organs of the body, and exist as part of the cellular or somatic body, each one representing a particular value employed by the body in processes used by all the cells. These organs do not need to exist in symmetry since their values precede the evolution of the nervous system and body, descending from functions present in single cell organisms. The organs non-symmetrical locations should be viewed as indicative of their resonant values, since the location is affected by the overall system resonance as indicated by the chakra system.

The central vessel points that are present on both sides of a center line down the torso are different from the meridians in that sense, because they are related to the evolved product, the consequence or the meridians. They are the source of the filaments of light that best respond to thought and are the product of the left and right somatic body fields combining into the higher consciousness field.

If the Personal Lattice equates to the filaments of light that correspond to the acupuncture points, it suggests that the answer to your question is both yes and no. It is important to consider that these are all related to the physical body and its evolved systems that are used to find its way around on the planet.

If this is the same Lattice, then groupings of cells are responsible for its formation. Think of the lattice as an exteriorization of the balanced field created by the combination of rotor-stator model in which external information fields, the stators "brush" the body's "rotor", charging it with information filled energy that is accumulated in the Meisner field-based capacitance lattice of the body. The exterior fields of the earth are organized into grids that cellular consciousness uses to harmonize, or for the Unity Function in SCIET Dynamics terms. This means that the chakras are aligned to a global grid of their own values and that the Lattice around each individual is an interface zone for these values. So the Personal Lattice is based on the cellular body until it involves the higher chakras that are tuned into by the spirit.

    How do you see these fibers as they are related to the 12 angular frequencies/corridors SCIET

Metaphysical writers have spoken of chakras and astral, etheric, spiritual and physical bodies being overlain as part of a single system of  embodiment. The illustration adds an additional flow at the knees, but is otherwise consistent with these ideas. Without a concept of where the fibers originate and why they respond to consciousness, both concepts I have not heard regarding the EMF Balancing Techniques, it is hard to say what is being illustrated, other than flows from the chakras relevant to the grounding between the universe and the earth as mentioned above.

The Angularities represent the Yang Principle in nature, while the Tetrons represent the Yin principle. One is inherently dynamic and one is inherently stable. The icosahedron is yang and the dodecahedron is yin. The fibers are the product of the interplay between these two dynamics as we exist in space, with the filaments or fibers being corridors of yin encased within a dynamic of yang. The geometrics of this are muted due to the scale of these interactions.

We are driven by consciousness and constantly adding layers to our being, but the act of conscious creation is a macro concept while layer creation is a micro one. Each pulse of our consciousness extends through space beyond our solar system and its consequences are added to our minds within our bodies and reach our cells and dna. The fibers, then, are related to our role as processors of space and the conversion of that space into information for the purpose of our continuing survival and evolution. They are extensions of the nervous system that allow us to project our consciousness into the space around us. This is based on my own experience and observation of the fibers around my own body, which were related the acupuncture points and meridians created by our ongoing dynamic interaction with the earth and sky. I cannot say what the personal lattice fibers represent as illustrated. They appear to be a combination of the primary values driving the human system, the physical, emotional and mental vibratory fields.

The angularities are most easily related to our personal lives from the aspe ct of conscious creation represented by astrology, which uses them to define the interplay of the universal pulses on our personal efforts to cocreate our reality.

    Question 5

    re: Personal Lattice
    Could you elaborate on the fiber concepts, and their dimensional relationship to the SCIET.

I think that the above discussion covered this, but I am not sure what you are referring to when you say "dimensions". It is widely reported in metaphysics that we exist on the third dimension of a twelve dimensional creation. Each dimension has twelve octaves. SCIET Dynamics can relate how this works and we can explore its relationship to the space processing nature of the fibers and personal calibration lattice.

In our experience of nature we can observe that all that we know of in the physical world is related to the motions of the atomic nucleus. Gravity and radiation begin with this. So if there is another, larger proton shell based on a forth level of causal reaction, then it will create a separate series of atomic interactions based its proton shell. It is a larger domain with an adjusted set of rules for its atomic creations.

In the discussion above regarding the radius orbital layers that surround any defined point, the idea conveyed is that a pulse bounces or is returned when it overlaps the center point. The return is governed by the layers related to the original value that overlapped. So if we say that the smallest "center" in the universe is a radius of "1", then it will interact with values in increments of "1" and create a series of return values related to that. The illustration below will help you see what I am talking about.
Values related to the first, second and third pulse values are shown. At the causal level of creation these values exist within the atomic structure. If we exist at the third dimension, it means that the most basic unit of our creation is based on the third pulse and that our proton shells are related to that value. And from the proton shells all other physical values are derived. A closer view is below.
Based on this view we can say that a forth dimensional existence would overlay this one, but with a different perspective on how things work. It would require more physical space to have the same content for instance.

The relationship of the fibers and Personal Calibration Lattice are important considerations for our spiritual evolution. Earth consciousness is near a historic time when we will move our spiritual growth to a new level based on the forth dimensional existence. In order to achieve this we will need to be activated spiritually to carry our accumulated experiences into the next level. Work on the PCL is an important part of an individuals preparation as it enables them to visualize this and put conscious energy into strengthening their own containment for their experiences.


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