The SCIET derives from a single measure, the Unitary Value of the distance between the center and the edge,  and defines all the space surrounding the center through equidistant angularities and subdivisions while retaining that definition of their existence together as a permanent record. The measure is as unlimited as the Awarness from which it came. There is no limit on smallness or largness except the speed of change itself.

The SCIETs spatial structure is a Resonance Map that can be illustrated by the use of twenty tetrahedral forms attached together at a single virtice.

The forms simulate the event horizon structure surrounding a tiny primeval single value blackhole, a continuing reaction of the void to the original charge intrusion. You might say that the SCIET is an isotope of black hole ``bubbles" that are  stimulated into existance by the presence of difference and stabalized by resonance.


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Thank you for opening this message.

Since 1974 I have been working on a solution to the ``information in empty space" problem or what I started out calling ``the structure of energy".  My initial visualization was of a way for light to stand still. It was my immediate impression on having this thought the answer would also provide a basis for the existence of spirit and the continuity of consciousness. I am very fortunate that I have had the time to think through the implications that the existence of  such structure in space has for our understanding of nature.

I am sure that you are aware of the difficulties this presents for theoretical physics. When I began this work, it was my understanding the light originates at one point and then travels away from that point...that it does not stand still...and yet my perception was that there was a mechanism for the energy that we call light to stand still. Examining all the possible known phenomena that could explain this took a very long time and led the to ultimate conclusion that we have no viable theoretical system to deal with this issue

My original intent was to make a career of this study though parapsychology. I turned away from this course later that year when I had a gnostic experience that seemed to fill me with a comprehension that I simply could not articulate. At first I thought that it was entirely my lack of knowledge about physics and mathematics preventing me from explaining my insights. Howerver, after an extensive survey of literature, I concluded that such a language and symbolic understanding did not exist in western science. I began to wonder if something in the western approach was intrinsically at odds with the acquisition of this knowledge and eventually to think that a layman's approach to its expression would far superior.

I discovered during my long search that I was able to use the momentary insight experience as a kind of living template. I would read or see something that would resonate with that insight and I knew that it was important and part of the answer. Using this tool and keeping these ideas constantly in my mind, I have been able to overcome the logical and conceptual barriers that seem to punctuate the development of a new large scale idea.

I have a name for the gnostic experience and what I have evolved since then. I call it The Sciet Experience and the present work SCIET Dynamics. I chose SCIET because it is the phonetic "sight" or "site" while being a unique spelling incorporating the greek root "sci with letters referring to "integrative effect" and theory. So it is an acronym for "Single Cycle Integrative Effect Theory", but it was my choice because of its phonetic sound, combining  sight, ``to see";  sight ``to focus on"; and site "a location"; into a single concept that is both an experience and a location.

I have evolved a large conceptual framework utilizing special terminology. It is very useful to have a unique language to work with  since most of these ideas have specific relationships separate from mainstream understandings, while overlapping them substantially.

The goal that was set for this project in 1974 was to create an intellectual explanation that would enable the linear thinking people to understand the spiritual existence known by Yogis and Masters through intuition.

It is a logical proof of the soul and spirit and GOD. This may seem difficult to do, but it is far less complicated than anyone has ever imagined. A new mathematics is all it requires .

Modern science is now at the threshold of this knowledge. The key to this is the realization that a major portion of creation occurred before the existence of electro- magnetics and matter. The state of existence that preceded materiality  continues to coexist and underlie the universe. It is the source of gravity and consciousness.

A key understanding needed to begin here is available from the common experience of tuning an analog radio. The ability to isolate a frequency and the effect of interference illustrate the principle of space reacting to itself. In this case the tuner defines a particular range of space and locks in that value so that all the changes within that value are revealed as variations in it. Our objective here is to show that space reacts to itself at all levels as a general truth and that when this is extended back to the beginning of the universe we can use it to erect a simple set of rules to measure and analyze change from the effects of the first difference in the previously unchanging void.

The key to doing this is the the SCIET, a kind of
mathematical atom. It defines a process within a specific space that begins with an act of consciousness, the recognition that there is another place or point in space. The simple act of awareness is the beginning of the universe. Using the SCIET we can build a model of change that replicates creation. If we have time, of course.

The act of awareness can be described by a line drawn between two points, followed by a series of other lines based on the first one, each originating from the same point until all the space surrounding that point is defined by the first line and its parts. The lines between the lines are also based on the original base line or
SCIET Line. All points in space do this. All that is required is for them to be defined through relationship to something else that exists.

The first stage of
creation defines all the space relative to a central point, followed by all defined points reacting to each other in a continuous reaction of creation.

The SCIET is derived from the tetrahedral form. The SCIET Line creates a starting set of four equidistant points that then react to one another to create the stable form of the SCIET, which is the mathematical atom that I mentioned earlier. It represents three levels of space reacting to itself. Each tetrahedral form has two levels and the grouping of them into a SCIET of twenty creates a third level that is stable in space and which then provides the basis for the extension of creation in two directions, the creation of time and space through the progression toward two infinities, an outer and inner infinite horizon.

The SCIET is a
mathematical form that can be modeled by school children with folded paper. Draw four equilateral triangles on a piece of paper so that they can be folded together to make a tetrahedron. Make twenty copies, cut them out, fold and glue to make twenty tetrahedrons. Then join them all on a single corner point.

The resulting form illustrates that twenty stable forms can be joined to create a semi-stable form. Note that the edges diverge at a constant angle to create a corridor between the solids delineated by the five edges. The important part here is that it is not a form, but a process that is being illustrated, a process based on the geometry of space as defined by awareness reaching out from the center.

A convenient example of how this works can be illustrated by the most basic function of mind. When you encounter a puzzle, a question without an answer, your mind begins to search, reaching out to all the knowledge within your grasp. This is often referred to as wondering, a process of internal search that overlays all other activities. At some point something triggers recognition of a potential answer that is then compared to the original question, if it fits, a cascade of awareness begins that extends the meaning of that answer to the smallest part affected by it. That is the process of creation as used by the mind. A void exists until a match is found followed by the integration of the new information set into the smallest parts of the whole. In its most dramatic form it is called an epiphany.

The SCIET is rooted in the
state of space that pre-exists the formation of atoms and those forces derived from them, but is integral to them in the way that the land is integral to the building. This is what has been called the fabric of space or the space/time continuum. It is a state where pure mathematics exist in real terms, where a value once created continues to exist and to create other values which create other values, ad infinitum.

The vastness of space was eventually defined in such a way, with level after level initiated until the outreach function began to encounter others derived from the same values. This results in a resonance effect that defines a midpoint between the two SCIET points. When large numbers of SCIETs exist in relationship to one another, the mid-point resonance becomes built-up through a process best described as a phenomenon of its own.

In modern cosmology this phenomenon is the ``Plasma" condition that was simultaneous to ``Light" and preceded the formation of atoms.

The SCIET describes a point surrounded by values dependent on a base line or SCIET Line that is drawn between two resonant points. There are twelve resonance corridors that define twelve harmonic polarities existing simultaneously around a single center point. Each polarity functions as spatial antenna resonating to a global set fluctuating at that angularity. In this way all point structures or SCIETs are operating in constant contact with twelve universal dimensions. At any point in time the alignment between one SCIET and another can become highly tuned and able to exchange information at very high levels.

This is the basis of the significance of the number twelve. All points have twelve equidistant corridors that function as antennas. That means every atom in space, and every star in the sky and people too.

An inherent idea not yet expressed here is that change in space has a dualistic quality derived from the two infinities mentioned above. It is best to think of this as a "pulse" underlying creation. At the deepest levels which are close in value to the original creation value, there is a pulse that can be described the on/off of space itself. This means that what exists in space alternates with not existing in space. The pulse exists at all values.

The SCIET ultimately describes a sphere within a sphere because the pulse and angularities combine with the midpoint resonance to make the resonant value orbit the central value and enclose a space that contains the resonant values of the twelve angularities.

The SCIET Spheres can be generalized into a form of math related to Set Theory. When you integrate the idea of angularities with a cosmic pulse, you can postulate that at any moment a portion of the values of a specific angularity in the universe will be in Unity simultaneously and thus share infintesimal values at that moment.

It is important that to understand the conditions of the beginning time continue to exist at the edge of creation, an edge that is an omnipresent abstraction, for it exists everywhere at all times. In practical terms it means that
unique values based on size, location and rate of change are possible everywhere at all times.

Dane M. Arr


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