The SCIET derives from a single measure, the Unitary Value of the distance between the center and the edge,  and defines all the space surrounding the center through equidistant angularities and subdivisions while retaining that definition of their existence together as a permanent record. The measure is as unlimited as the Awarness from which it came. There is no limit on smallness or largness except the speed of change itself.

The SCIETs spatial structure is a Resonance Map that can be illustrated by the use of twenty tetrahedral forms attached together at a single virtice.

The forms simulate the event horizon structure surrounding a tiny primeval single value blackhole, a continuing reaction of the void to the original charge intrusion. You might say that the SCIET is an isotope of black hole ``bubbles" that are  stimulated into existance by the presence of difference and stabalized by resonance.


 SCIET and Sacred

The SCIET and Sacred Geometry

After reviewing Drunvalo's work and the several followers who have extended it, I need to talk about Sacred Geometry and how it compares to what SCIET Dynamics presents.

The Platonic Solids are all within the SCIET Relationship, as is the interpentrating double tetrahedron associated with the Merkaba
Obviously, there is a difference between traditional sacred geometry, which is meant to provoke the mind of the aspirant, and how nature really works. Before the development of technology there was no way to define the various levels of natural forces except through the experience of consciousness. The dilemma here is that consciousness interacts with itself, sensing only those parts of creation that possess awareness.

Seeking to define and control personal growth and development had to use what could be presented and taught before attaining initiate status. Sacred Geometry is designed to communicate real qualities of nature and gain the student mental access to new levels, not explain them in physical terms. Sacred Geometry is a toolbox for spiritual growth, rather than for material description.

The concepts of SCIET Dynamics are not obvious unless you are living in an age of scientific achievment, where practical evidence of air, light heat etc are quantified. How could the ancient Greeks even have asked a question like ``what is the structure of energy?", and asking it how could they have imagined the getalt of knowledge that revealed the answer like a reverse stencil?

Sacred Geometry reveals the ancients knowledge of the physical relationship to spirit and how to affect it with material objects and expressed intention through ritual.

The ancients had the ability to think that would have led them to these answers. They simply lacked the questions.



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