The SCIET derives from a single measure, the Unitary Value of the distance between the center and the edge,  and defines all the space surrounding the center through equidistant angularities and subdivisions while retaining that definition of their existence together as a permanent record. The measure is as unlimited as the Awarness from which it came. There is no limit on smallness or largness except the speed of change itself.

The SCIETs spatial structure is a Resonance Map that can be illustrated by the use of twenty tetrahedral forms attached together at a single virtice.

The forms simulate the event horizon structure surrounding a tiny primeval single value blackhole, a continuing reaction of the void to the original charge intrusion. You might say that the SCIET is an isotope of black hole ``bubbles" that are  stimulated into existance by the presence of difference and stabalized by resonance.


Continuity of Consciousness

Continuity of Consciousness

Cultures from throughout history have maintained that the essence of the individual continues to exist somewhere, somehow.....

SCIET Dynamics offers proof of the continuity of consciousness in the form of a complete theory of creation and existence rooted in new type of mathematical description of nature. The theory adds a system of closed-loop capacitance spheres,SCIETorbital layers, that surround all that exists in space and accumulate over time. The spheres are extremely low energy, but compound one upon the other to create numerous effects. The spheres are the result of the SCIET cycle, which is constantly creating new spheres and adding to the existing system.

The creation of SCIETorbital layers is theorized as the result of all movement and their accumulation is the source of effects such as gravity, consciousness and matter.

The theoretics create a clear basis for consciousness surviving death and continuing to exist in the space around the Earth.  The brain and nervous system as a natural component of this continued existence, functioning as a host to an evolved intelligence that remains connected to the global SCIETorbital layers in which it exists while between bodies.

The part that is hosted can be understood to be the same as what the brain produces from incoming information, a sphere of perception, the seeing, knowing self in the middle of a perceived reality, a time tunnel of memory and experience, an  kernel of ancient memory and awareness. The new life is animated as an extension of  an existing path through time and life.

You may wonder how such a concept can possibly give rise to an after death experience that  remotely resembles life, but the very same qualities of space that allow the kernel of ancient memory to animate the material body allow it to animate the space around it after death and cloth itself in the appearance of its choice and interact with others as it wishes.

Surrounding the Earth is an ancient sphere of memory wound with all the days that have passed and connected to those days are the lives lived and shared experiences of the immortal souls dwelling on the planet. I use for the first time here a reference to the soul, for the kernel of ancient awareness dates back to the origin of the universe and is best known by this reference.  The kernel dwells in upon the Earth without a material body, but animates from the fabric of the Earth's ancient sphere of memory  that which it chooses. It is a sphere shared by all who have come before and is the source of being for new lives incarnating on Earth.

Dane M Arr
April 2006


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