The SCIET derives from a single measure, the Unitary Value of the distance between the center and the edge,  and defines all the space surrounding the center through equidistant angularities and subdivisions while retaining that definition of their existence together as a permanent record. The measure is as unlimited as the Awarness from which it came. There is no limit on smallness or largness except the speed of change itself.

The SCIETs spatial structure is a Resonance Map that can be illustrated by the use of twenty tetrahedral forms attached together at a single virtice.

The forms simulate the event horizon structure surrounding a tiny primeval single value blackhole, a continuing reaction of the void to the original charge intrusion. You might say that the SCIET is an isotope of black hole ``bubbles" that are  stimulated into existance by the presence of difference and stabalized by resonance.


SCIET Agreement


All the energy that exists in the Universe existed at the beginning and creation has only consolidated it. The SCIET consolidates charge into matter   

The Stages of Creation
SCIET Agreement


In SCIET Dynamics the energy that exists in the Universe is becoming more focused as time passes. This is a basic concept in SCIET Dynamics because it underlies the cosmological assumptions.

So all the energy that exists in the Universe existed at the creation moment. The process of creation is actually the consolidation of the individuated fragments of that original energy. From the beginning the SCIET process began to separate the records of change through subdivision and  resonance return values.

At Culmination all of the space in the Universe has been accounted for by the Harmonic Fractional Receptive Reduction of the Relationship. When the Unitary Value expressed by the Awareness in the Creation Substance reduces to the Frequency Level of the Creation Substance,  Resonance Return Values begin individuation and Consolodation into protons, electrons and photons. 

About the size of a tennis ball, the wavelenth of the cosmic microwave background radiation is 7.35 centimeters, which in SCIET Dynamics is related to the smallest segment of the Unitary Value, meaning that protons originated at this size and have consolidated to less than one nanometer during the 13.6 bilion years of time that has passed.  Third SCIET formation into SCIETspheres occurs continuously in ever increasing frequencies and domains.

Each change in relationship is the basis of a new Void resolution process, the progenitor of the SCIET. The external outreach ends with the formation of a SCIETline, a continuous path of exchange between the center and the edge. At the balance point between two centers a third SCIET is formed derived from that balance point value which then establishes a shared value that is derived from change in either of the originating centers. (center of gravity) This value returns via resonance to each center until it reaches a match with the center and stimulates an orbital return.

The SCIET transfers energy from the surrounding space to the center. The midpoint to orbital return effect creates built-up spheres close to the centers based on changes at much greater distances. The built-up spheres are then sources of effect at their own spatial values with shared midpoints and returns and consequent built-up spheres of their own.

The SCIET Loop illustrates the effect of consolodation at the  macroscopic level. Only a tiny fraction of the original volume is the visible Universe.
The hour-glass shape  is predicted by SCIET Theory which requires orientation and an extensive area to be carved from the Void in order to consolidate enough charge to form atoms.



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