The SCIET derives from a single measure, the Unitary Value of the distance between the center and the edge,  and defines all the space surrounding the center through equidistant angularities and subdivisions while retaining that definition of their existence together as a permanent record. The measure is as unlimited as the Awarness from which it came. There is no limit on smallness or largness except the speed of change itself.

The SCIETs spatial structure is a Resonance Map that can be illustrated by the use of twenty tetrahedral forms attached together at a single virtice.

The forms simulate the event horizon structure surrounding a tiny primeval single value blackhole, a continuing reaction of the void to the original charge intrusion. You might say that the SCIET is an isotope of black hole ``bubbles" that are  stimulated into existance by the presence of difference and stabalized by resonance.

 Resonance Return

SCIET Agreement

Resonance Return

Resonance Return Cycle and the Origin of Matter.

The Stages of Creation
SCIET Agreement


The SCIET is the product of point and line and all of the concepts of the SCIET relate to how lines become spheres and form the basis of our material Universe.  This process is well known to science as the source of the electromagnetic effect.  Incoming energy causes atoms to emit photons or electrons, it stimulates the atom which reacts with a waveform. In SCET Dynamics that same process is the source of SCIET sphere formation and the discharge is part of how the SCIET transfers infomation to the interior of the atom.

There are three phases to the SCIET cycle; the Third SCIET is the initial mid-point reaction between two SCIETangles at cullmination which results in the creation of a common denominator value: which is the Resonant Return value streaming back to the originating SCIETangle and resonates with the center sending part of its energy inward as a new unitary value and outward as a SCIETorbital formation of SCETspheres.

SCIET Spheres are Neutral Charge because they are the result of the synthesis of two prime numbers.

The first Resonant Return cycle takes place with a center to center exchange between two points. As a result of this exchange all of the space surounding the two points is defined by the specific values created during the exchange.


The Resonance Return is an important new idea that speaks diredtly to the functions of the mind and brain. This reveals the theater of the mind and how it works.
The capacitance lattice is the result of the SCIET Cycle, whose function is to record all change in space while enabling its correction or return to stasis/harmony. 

Scanning micrograph of a iron nucleus showing the SCIET line and shell accumulation. Note the line of active exchange size in comparison to the dark sphere at the center and successively larger ones around it.

It is a center-to-center, one-on-one relationship that validates the notion of "vibrations". It originates in time/space before "light" in cosmology and depends on the quality of space to react to itself, to "interfere" with itself, thus any change sets off a cascade of interference patterns that culminate, reaching thresholds that create new classes of phenomena and continue on, ad infinitum.

Light and matter sit upon a creation that already had "formatted" the Creation Substance with incremental measurement patterns and had reached the stage where it began to react to itself. The interference points accumulated change and the exchange between them began to travel not only through vibratory space, but on the incremental measurement patterns that surrounded and defined them. Very similar to a gas condensing into a liquid and giving rise to another set of physical properties.  The accumulation of SCIET orbital values


Resonance is the response of objects in space when they are seeking
to return to balance or stasis with their environment

Resonance of SCIETspheres Resonance Return Values is accomplished through the SCIET cycle and the subdivision of space it creates.  All points in space are SCIETs and contain their entire past, so this includes resonance of values in relationship with the moment they were formed.

Resonance is a well understood aspect of physics, but normally is only associated with the cyclic motion of atoms. SCIET Theory extends the concepts of resonance to the subtle energy realms known variously as etheric, astral, hyper space, subspace etc. All of these suggest a realm of effect removed from the regular physics of atomic kinetics and radiation.

In order to have resonance in space it is necessary to conceptualize that what is resonating has always been resonating, that it preexisted matter rather than being the by product of matter. This is covered in the Void and
Space pages.

SCIET Theory attributes resonance in space to the existence of Resonance Retun Values, a  term used in SCIET Theory to describe a spherical closed charge (neutral) bubble that is created when a SCIET cycle is completed with the
SCIETorbital effect. These spherical forms are derived from the matching of values between two points, and they nest around all interference points and remain in constant relationship with the moment they were formed. This effect began at the moment of creation and it is these that resonate when they move in relationship to one another.

Matter is the result of this idea and all matter is composed of layers of SCIETorbital effects that remain in constant relationship with the moment of their creation. Movement adds new layers but also causes the existing layers to resonate with others of the same value and generation.

Any discussion of resonance in SCIET Theory  includes both the SCIET and the dynamics of the SCIETorbital Layers.

The SCIET ultimately describes spheres within spheres because the pulse and angularities combine with the midpoint resonance to make the resonant value orbit the central value and enclose a space that contains the resonant values of the twelve angularities.

The SCIET Spheres can be generalized into a form of math related to Set Theory. When you integrate the idea of angularities with a cosmic pulse, you can postulate that at any moment all values of a specific angularity are in one state or the other. Either on or off. During the "off" state they will all be at a state of oneness with creation. When they are "on" they will be aware of all the knowledge/values held by any others throughout the universe with whom they shared the "off".

SCIETsphere (also see shells, layers, lattice)

SCIETsphere is derived from the SCIETorbital effect.  It is the accumulation of the orbital Derivative Resonance  polarity  values stepped through the angles to parallel the originating center value.

All centers in resonance have SCIETsphere formation. At the atomic level we see it in its most material form as the surface or shell of the  proton or neutron. These are the most energetic and powerful values and reside deep within the center of the nucleons. This is the causal level of our dimension and represents the accumulated charges of all the other nucleons with which it has relationships.

The Shells, in turn, define a new level of causal effect to form the electrons, which are the returns from the values defined by the protons, neutrons and their combinations.

Layers are effects caused by the values created by molecules and compounds in the space surrounding them.

Lattice refers to the effects in space at a distance from molecular bodies. Lattice formation is the source of the gravitational effect.


    Orbital Return Effect of Resonance

SCIETorbital is responsible for orbital effect and the creation of spherical forms in nature.

The consequence of the interpenetrating layers of overlapping Sphere Sets centered on different points is the formation of a third field or SCIET at their midpoint that functions as a common denominator generator whose resonant values are common to both point systems.  This third field value structure overlays the combined system and causes the layer structure to adjust in a cascade toward the center. Values that lock on the center, or match the diamenter rather than the radius, generate a resonance effect that is expressed as polarity which is passed outward along a line created by the SCIETangularities encountered at each value level.


SCIETorbit creates the means to shift an incoming polarity value to an orbital value and in the process step it up or down by a factor of twelve.

After twelve levels the polarity is parrallel to its point of origin and in perpetual orbit around the center. It is an additon to the existing level and distributes its charge evenly on the spheric surface of the level. The incoming effect is continuous and the charge overlays until it exceeds the equilibrium of the adjacent levels.

Note in the illustration that at each level the polarity passes through the center point of a SCIET but that it is also the functional polar opposite of its adjacent levels, and thus must maintain a charge balance when passing the SCIETorbital charge outward.

Simultaneous to the movement of the charge in the direction of the incoming change there is a balancing effect traveling in the opposite direction which is always directly opposite of the incoming charge at each level.

It should be noted that this is a close approximation the yin yang symbol of the Chinese Tao, a symbol intended to express the idea of positive and negative occuring equally in all systems.

The SCIETorbital effect is one of the most important effects revealed by SCIET Theory and it is interesting that the other one, the SCIETangularities is a close approximation to the Greek Sacred Solids, but both of these are part of the SCIET Cycle.

The SCIETorbital effect is the ongoing consequence of the point to point relationship between two SCIETs This the source of the resonance return that creates the SCIETorbitals.

The midpoint between any two bodies is determined by their ability to ``match" values. The matching value is the origin of a new value that is returned to both as a compatible harmonic that represents the relative changes between them. 



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