The SCIET derives from a single measure, the Unitary Value of the distance between the center and the edge,  and defines all the space surrounding the center through equidistant angularities and subdivisions while retaining that definition of their existence together as a permanent record. The measure is as unlimited as the Awarness from which it came. There is no limit on smallness or largness except the speed of change itself.

The SCIETs spatial structure is a Resonance Map that can be illustrated by the use of twenty tetrahedral forms attached together at a single virtice.

The forms simulate the event horizon structure surrounding a tiny primeval single value blackhole, a continuing reaction of the void to the original charge intrusion. You might say that the SCIET is an isotope of black hole ``bubbles" that are  stimulated into existance by the presence of difference and stabalized by resonance.

 Phi Resonance

SCIET Memory

Phi Resonance

Phi Resonance Return explains the exchange of information between organic molecules and cellular systems.

The Stages of Creation
SCIET Memory


Phi Resonance is a property of the SCIET Dynamic. The graphic in the panel below shows the dodechedron inside of the icosohedron, a shape Phi resonance dynamic that is entirely natural. The dodecahedron is a Phi Resonance form. It is through SCIET Phi Resonance that the extension of frequencies from the deeper levels of the DNA are extended outward into the manifest cellular structures. 

The SCIET Dynamic in Relationship is responsible for  momentum as the adjusting agent between mass in motion. The same effect shows up as attention, holography of light and as cells in life, and in the higher frequencies it also rules astrology as the Unique frequency that pulses with every movement through space- providing the experience of Aware Memory as a continuous outreach cycle in the Substance.

Compounding SCIETs into complex molecules compressed by the heat and gravity of stars (minerals) is joined by self-assembling structures of organic molecules powered by simple physical cycles like gravity, daylight, rain, wind, magnetism and the moon.

Since the energy of resonance return is greatest at the surface of the planet, particularly in water, there is a density that enables the organic amino acids to form nacent life frequencies through the convection of water in cracks of rocks. The accumulation of Spheric shells by an organic molecule is continuous and, due to the holoSCIET effect, each part has a complete set of the frequencies of the whole.

At the amino acid level a cell is a like city of amino acid based structures inhabited by organic nanobots building more structures. The cell has so much going on that it has invented ways to generate a range of higher frequencies unafffected by the layers of Phi Resonant compound molecular shells.  Multicell life has extended these advancements in organic frequencies created by the cells internal structures to power the purpose-built central nervous system through the compounding of four levels of frequency pulsing in the body; the cells, organs, body and mind.

phi sciet
The SCIET is Phi Resonant    The icosahedral SCIETangle's Unitary Value vertice is in Phi proportion with the dodecahedron's vertices. The pentangles are Phi resonant. The SCIET vertice is actually a pentagonal corridor that can shift from a tiny vertice to the pentagonal face of the dodecahedron. In doing so it integrates the qualities of five tetrons into the SCIETline..

The rise of complex amino acids whose resonant vibration exceeded the threshold needed for ``active" molecular memory eventually led to self-assembling complex amino acids, which are the basis of chromosomes. This occurs because the information holding capacity, depth and volume are multiplied by each amino acid segment causing them to achieve a higher set value, in effect creating a new range of memory/frequency that extends further in space and is able to infuse its resonance values onto the molecules within its zone. This leads to long strings of molecules with a huge range of Resonant Return Values, affecting not only  the interactive distance that is responsible for identifying and attracting complementary molecules for growth but also the amount of information storage available for all other benefits.

Because organic molecular structures pass a threshold of resonance, the organic amino acids accumulate information and retain the resonance of the entire structure even when the structure is fragmented as long as they retain the higher threshold of values.  The resonance will infect other molecules whose base values are incorporated into it, causing the other molecules to be attracted to and incorporated into the amino acid chain, establishing the baisis for mitosis within cells.

BioSCIET has introduced us to the idea of movement as the driver of memory and rudimentary consciousness beginning with amino acids. The evolution of single cell organisms follows after a great deal of process development including the ability to communicate between cells using resonance of higher values based on  pulsing of photonic fields. Lower value pulsing (molecular resonance) is used to attract (food) or repel (waste or toxins).

SCIET Phi Resonance In Memory there is an ideal resonance effect from Phi ratio pulsing systems(life). As illustrated above the matching value of the Third SCIET is always based on Phi Resonance
NeuroSCIET explains the role of the SCIET in the evolution the Nervous system in the presence of innumerable compounding effects.  Based on insights regarding the functions of SCIETsphere shells and layers the central nervous system is shown to operate through a series of field effects in ways that are similar to electrical motors. The environment is the stator and the nervous system is the rotor.  A body moving within a stationary field brushes past the scalar emmissions of everything around it. As it moves the matching field values seek to harmonize, creating momentum in the gross physical body, but the same forces stimulate the evolution of the nervous system in multicellular organisms.  Existing as endless layers away from every center, the stator effect is based in layers of SCIETspheres that are the result of every cycle.

These layers surround the planet like an ocean. They are filled withclosed-loop information records, are the source of gravity and in their volume are regarded as a force.

Projection forward along the midline based on the hemispheres of the brain allows the focal zone (illustrated as a red circle) to be positioned any where on the midline extension. The focal zone can be outside of the body or within it, from the center of the Pineal gland to the expression on someone's face at fifty feet.
Movement of molecular fields through these layers creates a circulating pattern, much like the opposing shores of a river create a pattern in the water at midstream. This underlying pattern becomes the template for the evolution of the nervous system as the organism evolves over time. This is the source of neuroSCIET, which deals with the evolution and function of the central nervous system based on the concepts of BioSCIET.

NeuroSCIET extends the principles of BioSCIET to explain the central nervous system as the result of movement of the external, SCIETsphere mind through an ocean of SCIETsphere lattice effects in the environment.

The evolution of multi-celled animals created the need for a central nervous system.

The origin of life in the oceans may be due to a special condition of the Earth-based layers, since it is now known that water retains information after the molecular source has been separated. This may mean that the crystalline nature of the water molecule is combined with the salts to form a solution that functions as a reservoir of information.

SCIET Dynamics establishes a basis for the evolution of the nervous system as a result of stimulus from an environment filled with information-filled SCIETspheres. The Lattice is created by the individual SCIETspheres that accumulate around everything that exists in space. So movement through space is movement through a sea of field relationships made of information-filled layers and the body is itself made of the same kinds of layers.  The sea is a good analogy for this idea. When an object floating on water moves, it parts and compresses the water in front of it so that it accelerates and moves to one side or the other.

Evolution provides that survival depends on how well the organism adapts to the environment so as to continue living. In practical terms we are talking about factors encountered by simple single cell creatures that were threatening to them and how they developed systems to survive that became the nervous system in complex multi-cellular animals.

 Spacimetric Definitions in NeuroSCIET

The spacimetric definition of a point extends away from its center in units equivalent to sub-quantum to plus-galactic lengths.

Surrounding each point like invisible layers on an onion, these spacimetric values are each individual relationships with the center.

The individuality of these units can be likened to the air pressure that extends a balloon.  If you could blow up balloons one inside the other continuously so that each was always one thickness larger than the one inside of it, each would have to have its own air pressure to keep growing outward. This idea of ``air pressure" is symbolic of the relationship to the center that each lattice shell possesses.



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