The SCIET derives from a single measure, the Unitary Value of the distance between the center and the edge,  and defines all the space surrounding the center through equidistant angularities and subdivisions while retaining that definition of their existence together as a permanent record. The measure is as unlimited as the Awarness from which it came. There is no limit on smallness or largness except the speed of change itself.

The SCIETs spatial structure is a Resonance Map that can be illustrated by the use of twenty tetrahedral forms attached together at a single virtice.

The forms simulate the event horizon structure surrounding a tiny primeval single value blackhole, a continuing reaction of the void to the original charge intrusion. You might say that the SCIET is an isotope of black hole ``bubbles" that are  stimulated into existance by the presence of difference and stabalized by resonance.

 Design Concepts

SCIET Design Concepts

SCIET Dynamics
began  with a conceptual question.

``What is the structure of energy?", which led into a series of "thought experiments" that resulted in this work. Originally, the ``structure of energy" meant wave forms or ``light" that could stand still. This was in 1974 and the idea seemed filled with the promise of new knowledge. I conceptualized that if this were possible it could explain how consciousness could exist independent of the body.  I believed then as now that this is true.
But conceptual  problems soon surfaced. Standing waves could explain much, but they would have to have been standing since the beginning of time for it to work and not only that, they would have to have preexisted anything that they might be standing between.

The Stages of Creation

It became clear that for the ``Structure of Energy" to work, it would need to be an independent theory that matter could evolve from, rather than a theory that stood beside or depended upon the existence of matter.

It was seven years after the original inspiration that the conceptual framework began to take shape. I decided that there had to be a single value that unified time, energy and space. There also had to be a set of truths that were always true in concept and in nature and that value would have to emerge from those truths.

Moreover, those truths would have to understandable from the perspective of everyday experiences.

``Everything exists in space."

By everything , I mean anything that can be objectified, like an idea as well as a ``free electron". All must exist in space, even if it is a mental space , because it originated at some point in time and place.

"Everything has a center"

Center is an idea that seems obvious until you discuss Zeno's Paradoxes,  Zeno was an ancient Greek Philosopher who discussed that you could never reach the center because you can always measure half way to the center, thus you can never arrive at the center.  Fortunately, we have more concepts to work with today and we have scientific evidence to frame our questions about nature. The Greek philosophers would have loved to know about electo-magnetism, general relativity and quantum mechanics. But with little more than language and casual observation to work with, Greek critics of any idea could show that a paradox existed with those beliefs.

You could argue, for instance, that space and center are the same thing, since they cannot exist separately. And you cannot discuss center without an implied other point outside of the center, there could not be any reference to a ``center".

The SCIET emerges from a shared center that is logically less than one-millionth of its greatest measure. While this is not infinite, the notion that that smallest measure can become the largest measure of a new SCIET is a logical reality. This is the basis of the SCIET Order of Magnitude

Determining a foundation for truth leads one to question the most obvious ideas and things. Ultimately it is the qualities of mind itself that must be the source of such a foundation. SCIET Dynamics begins with mind, meaning the presence of being, the Awareness that dwells within each person. It is not ``I think, therefore, I am", but I am without qualification.

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Researching what is known about consciousness, it is only possible to explain what we experience by asserting that ``space" itself is conscious, because we are able to be aware outside of our bodies without any material basis for it, other than that we exist in our bodies in space and that our bodies are vehicles that make the experience of awareness more interesting.

The Void, the Source Field or my preferred term, the Creation Substance.

Indeed, it is the qualities of the Void/Creation Substance, that are left to explain the phenomena of thought, movement and change of any type. Cosmological descriptions of nature speak of the Void as a condition preexisting space itself, as though space were created on top of the void, much like a house is built on land. Its a convenient comparison, but what are the parts of space if it is built like a house on a lot? What are its parts; foundation, floor, walls, ceiling and roof? How can ``nothing" be the foundation of anything, much less everything?

Enter the Creator.

Building on personal experience is there any situation we can cite that can suggest a way it is possible for this to occur?  The answer is YES. The explanation comes from the art and practice of meditation.  The inward focus and concentration taught in many forms of yoga provide a direct means to such a creation. Think about it. The practice tells its adherents to ignore all external input and journey inward to a place where they are free of thoughts and impulses and can exist in total tranquility and bliss.

So there you have one approach: The Creator reached such a condition and left a thought  behind that eventually became the creation we know today.

In the SCIET Functional Cosmology a set of SCIET based relationships are proposed that lead to the same result, but they are more abstract, building on the common experience of awareness without explaining where the awareness might have been before, it is just there as a point in a Frequency Potential Level at the center.

So let's explore how a thought in a Void/Creation Substance can lead to our creation.



The void is a reference related to all that exists, saying that it is none of that but is indeed the lack of all those others, unique and different because it is entirely without definition. In the cosmological discussion it the vast emptiness that surrounds the creation. Mathematically, it is the logical condition that must precede the beginning of any cycle, and the Void/Creation Substance is not a dimension, but a precursor condition allowing definition by awareness to occur. 

( Update 2012-Careful a analysis suggests that three different states are combined to create matter. So the Void means lack of matter, and before matter there are preconditions based on what we know exists. For instance Awareness exists at a higher frequency state than Void in order for it affect the Creation Substance to establish Relationship leading to matter's formation during the Culmination, The VOID refers to a simpler concept than can be used in SCIET Dynamics)

The first thought problem then is to imagine the process of a being reaching a ``void" during meditation.

Let's see, going inward and eliminating all sensory information and internal dialogue until you are alone with your awareness, you seek a stillness deep within your own self.

How far into the stillness do you go before returning to the daily life of sensory awareness? And what is left behind when you decide that you want to do something else, changing direction, as it were, during your foray into the stillness? Furthermore, are you a sphere or a point when you are present in the void, and what difference would it make anyway?

The answer that makes the most sense is that you are a point, and when you realize that you are at your goal of meditation and then return to awareness of daily activity you must inherently realize that you were somewhere and decide to return. So in SCIET Dynamics the first event is the act of recognition, the defining of place by an act of awareness.

Logically then, Awareness is not the memories created by the evolution of events that are aware, but what preexists memories of what is created. What western science calls the Void is defined in SCIET Dynamics as a combination of three distinct states; Awareness, which exists above all other aspects of the Universe as the fastest, smallest Frequency Potential, so small and fast that it is limitless and requires the creation of a limited domain, the Creation Substance, in order to establish resonance between two points. It follows that the Creation Substance is a SCIET order of magnitude larger and slower than the Awareness, thus enabling the Awareness to inhabit every Frequency Potential at a rate of more than one-half million to one. Within the Creation Substance the Awareness expresses intention as a Unitary Value to the edge of the Substance thus starting the Harmonic Receptive Reduction of the SCIET to create the Spiritual Hierarchy before Culminating into resonant Agreement .

Agreement refers to the Third field effect that sends a continuous stream of midpoint harmonic back to each resonant center.

This provides an explanation for the SCIET cosmological  void as well as the general concept of the VOID in mathematics.

The use of  void in SCIET.

During the analysis that led to these conclusions much thought was given to defining movement between points in the void, seeking answers to how each point could adjust to the others change in position based on limitations of only two dimensions, point and line. This resulted in the concept of the Numeric Void which is the precondition to the beginning of any SCIET cycle. The numeric void refers to the situation between the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next.

The ``void" can be brought into existence at anytime by simply entering a state of change in which no equivalent value can be found.

The Dual Awareness Concept has emerged  as the glue that holds SCIET Dynamics together. Consolidation says that all energy started out  spread evenly through space and matter was created by consolidating it into a relatively small region. The concept of Resonance had to be defined based on the measurement of space through Subdivision and through Derivative  Resonance Values, values that are the result of other values.

Examination of what must happen when resonance values are reduced through subdivision to values too small and fast to relate to our normal reality led to the development of the concept of the
Infinitesimal Substrate.

The concept of
Universal Sets evolved into a cornerstone of SCIET Theory because it enabled space to accommodate each value-cycle based on a point as part of universe-wide cycle.

I have generalized that if it is needed to understand but not specific enough to be used to define a particular phenomenon, it must be a concept and not a principle, rule or tool.


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